What Happened In Destiny Lovers? (Manga Series)

Destiny Lovers Volumes is a manga comic book series. It was originally published in Japan in 2018 by Kodansha Ltd. It was published in English from 2019-2020 by Seven Seas under their “Ghost Ship” brand for mature readers.

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Fujishiro captured
Fujishiro captured

Creative Team

Destiny Lovers was written by Kazutaka (more books by Kazutaka) and drawn by Kai Tomohiro (more books by Kai Tomohiro).

What Is Destiny Lovers About?

The official synopsis says, “Long ago, Fujishiro Kosuke declared his love to his childhood friend, Sayaka-chan. But his pledge to save is first sexual experience to her takes a shocking turn when he’s suddenly abducted and thrown into a secret prison run by beautiful women in fetish gear. His seductive kidnappers will use every kink at their disposal to try to rob Kosuke of his virginity. Who are these women, and why are they trying to break Kosuke’s solemn promise to Sayaka-chan?”

Here is what happens in Destiny Lovers Volumes 1-4.

Main Characters

The Boys: Fujishiro Kosuke, Sukekawa Kiyoshi, Irabu Kazuchika, Kazamatsuri Shunta, Ogaware Misaki and a Mystery Man.

The Girls: Kashiwazaki Aina, Yamamoto Sawa, Krishima Erina, Ibu Sayaka (aka Sayaka-chan) and Uchikawa Mitsuko

Kosuke Captured

Fujishiro Kosuke wakes up, bound to a chair. He doesn’t know where he is or how he got there. An attractive, busty, scantily clad woman comes into the room and tells him, “You’re going to save humanity… by doing it for me.”

At that moment we flash back to Kosuke at his school, were we learn that he has a habit of ditching on his friends whenever they bring girls around. He is a virgin because of a “promise” he made, and the decision has made him infamous at his school.

Back in the present the woman tells Kosuke she wants him to make love to her. She comes on to him and he becomes flustered and frustrated.

We flashback to Kosuke when he was very young (pre-teen) and he is holding hands with Sayaka-chan, another girl the same age as him. The two of them make a promise to each other to get married in the future.

Back in the present, Kosuke is attempting to reject the woman’s advances. She finds a weakness by arousing him when she sucks on his nipple. When he is almost about to give in, an alert sounds and tells everyone in the building to stop what they are doing. Frustrated by the interruption, the woman stops trying to seduce Kosuke.

More women appear to Kosuke. They are dressed like jailers, and like the first woman they are all busty and wearing tight clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Without saying anything they take him to a prison cell, where he meets other boys who were also abducted by the women. They have no idea what is going on either.

Sayaka-chan reconnects with Fujishiro
Sayaka-chan reconnects with Fujishiro

Sayaka-chan the Warden

One woman yells at the boys and tells them, “Hurry up and throw away your virginity!”

Another alert sounds and tells the guards to “assemble” as a “first line of defense.”

Kosuke then recognizes that the yelling woman, the warden of the prison, is none other than his childhood love, Sayaka-chan.

At the bars of the prison, she speaks to him, whispering in his ear and telling him, “If you don’t want to die, keep protecting your chastity.”

We then meet the other guys being held against their well. They are Sukekawa Kiyoshi (thirty-something), Irabu Kazuchika (teenager), Kazamatsuri Shunta (teenager) and Ogaware Misaki (mid-20s) and a Mystery Man (mid-twenties). The other men reveal that the guards also tried to seduce them.

Misaki was rejected by the captors who found him to be too fat and he reeked of sweat. Kiyoshi is a neat freak and he rejected woman that came on to him, slamming her “dirty derriere.”

The Mystery Man reveals to the other guys that he stole a set of the jailer’s keys.

They leave the prison cell and find themselves in a shower room. Soon after entering, they hear someone coming and hide in the stalls. One of the woman jailersm the same one who tried to seduce Kosuke, comes in for a shower, covered in blood and carrying an assault rifle.

She goes into the shower where Kosuke was hiding, but he climbs to the top of the stall and holds on above him while she showers. She does not notice him there.

Coming out of the shower she sees Shunta’s legs below the stall but assumes it is one of the other jailers. She expresses sympathy for their treatment of the boys, but reiterates that they are doing what they’re doing “for the sake of humanity.”

Feeling a flow of air from the outside, the boys walk toward an exit. They see one of the women with a subdued man under her foot. She shoots and kills him and the boys rush back to their cell.

Sayaka-chan meets up with Kosuke and confirms that she remembers their promise to each other. She again tells him not to give up his virginity if he wants to live.

Back in the cell, the boys reveal to each other that they are all virgins. They pledge to each other to keep their chastity until they find out what is going on.

War of Boys vs Girls And Mitsuko’s Trap

We then meet the jailers and learn their names. They are Kashiwazaki Aina, Yamamoto Sawa, Krishima Erina, Ibu Sayaka (aka Sayaka-chan) and Uchikawa Mitsuko.

The women discuss how difficult it has been to seduce this group of boys. They reveal that they have orders to go after the boys to save the world, and say that they would not understand the reasons if they explain it to them. They decide to use a plan to lure the boys into relations with them, rather than blatantly seducing them.

Dressed in a maid’s outfit, Mitsuko goes to the cell. She promises to “take care of all your everyday necessities.”

She brings them a giant layout of food and dramatically promises to do everything she can to serve them.

They go ahead and eat the food and remark about how amazing it all tastes. The food is not drugged or otherwise tainted.

Kosuke asks to go to the bathroom and when he is taken there is a strange sign above the urinal that says “no masturbating.”

Mitsuko later takes all the boys to a fully stocked gym for them to exercise. She leads them in exercises, but does not try to aggressively come on to them.

When they go back to the cell, the boys find the jailers have given them a television with videos to watch.

She gives them a hand massage.

Over the next few days they enjoy the creature comforts of the cell, eating, working out, watching videos.

The boys discuss whether she might really be a nice person after all.

But then Kazuchika says it has all been a trap, and points out to the guys that they all have boners. They review the last few days and notice that all the foods they were fed are high energy foods. They were fed that diet in conjunction with exercise that increased their testosterone levels, while the creature comforts in the cell lowered their anxiety. Even the hand massage they were given was designed to stimulate pressure points increasing energy and vitality.

Kazuchika reveals that he is impotent, but even he now is also aroused.

Ending Explained

The girls return to the cell together, wrapped in blankets, claiming that the heating system in the prison is broken and that they will have to cuddle together with the now-aroused boys to keep warm. They are all wearing skimpy, see-through lingerie.

Finally, we are now shown outside and central Tokyo. There is widespread destruction, with toppled buildings and no signs of life. A giant monster is walking through the streets.

The story continues in Destiny Lovers Volume 2

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